2D Service

Crafting apparel involves crucial steps, primarily, the creation of a 2D sketch and a Tech Pack (product package). The 2D sketch encapsulates the overall silhouette and design of the clothing piece, promoting clear communication between the designer, pattern maker, and client, and preempting potential misunderstandings
Meanwhile, the Tech Pack serves as a comprehensive blueprint for mass garment production. It consolidates all critical information, minimizing discrepancies between you and the manufacturer. By referring to the thoroughly detailed package, you streamline production processes and ensure a seamless, stress-free experience

2D sketch

We offer professional 2D sketching service. We will help you choose the right fabric, build patterns and sew a sample. 2D sketching services is a cost-effective solution. This is instrumental in saving time, capital, and ensuring your idea aligns with the end product

Tech Pack Creation

This document provides critical information including the model's name, article number, the designer's name, a comprehensive list of fabrics and accessories, dimensions, fabric quantities required, as well as detailed schematics of complicated components

Having a robust Tech Pack at your disposal typically reduces query frequency and facilitates smoother transactions. However, it's important to note that the Tech Pack does not include pattern layouts or fabric cost per unit; these elements must be commissioned separately